With Toco Connect, the price is what you pay, but it's value that you get. When compared, our return on investment puts competitor products to shame.

Firstly, as the platform that runs Toco Connect is already built, you move instantly from your pilot product to the finished product. There is no need to go back into development to complete a costly finalization period. All you need to do to deploy to the field is issue licenses to any employees you deem necessary. The system is up and running from day one, saving you valuable time and money at the end of development.

Secondly, Toco Connect's in-built flexibility and management tools allow you to adapt and tweak the product as you see fit. With other products on the market, unless you are lucky enough to get everything right on the first iteration, the chances of returning to the development stage are high, as too are the costs associated with that. Not so with Toco Connect.

Mobility is a journey which changes as your requirements do. Simply and easily adapt or change the product to fit your needs.

Finally, the same flexibility also allows you to develop complimentary or other completely independent systems that can be used by any department within your organization. Additional data collection tools and databases are easily developed and deployed to your staff meaning there's no need to go back to the original software engineers. Effectively, any product you develop yourself is free of charge.

These are just a few of the reasons why Toco Connect offers incredible return on your investment. Talk to us today to find out more.