Toco-Rad - rapid application deployment

Now, more than ever, time is money. Rapid deployment and activation is one of the most important considerations when trying to evaluate your return on investment. Our initialisation, scaling and ongoing adaptation processes are as simple and convenient to understand as the product itself.

It all starts with Toco Connect Pilot. In the initial stages of installation we develop a pilot system in collaboration with you, ensuring all your needs are met. There then follows an evaluation and development period where the necessary tweaks are made to maximize the product's utility.

Once you've honed Toco Connect to satisfy your needs, deployment to a full system couldn't be easier. All you need to do to scale the product beyond the pilot stage is to issue user licenses to as many employees as necessary. There's no waiting period, no costly execution time and no hanging around. If you're happy, you're live!

We often refer to mobilisation as journey rather than a destination. In order to deliver on the ever changing and developing needs of our clients, we've developed a system that puts you in control. It is a globally scalable product that's flexible enough for modification, wholesale adaptation and management by any systems administrator. It can grow and adapt as your needs and requirements do.

It's also important to remember that we take our ubiquity seriously. As new platforms, operating systems and devices emerge on the market place, you can rest assured that we will make our product available on any and all devices should you choose to upgrade or switch at any time in the future.