What We Do


Making the simple appear complicated is easy. Making the complicated appear simple? That's another matter entirely.

Toco Connect has been through an ever-evolving research and development process for some 12 years, beginning at the very inception of public facing mobile services. Millions of lines of code have been painstakingly written and rewritten over numerous platforms and systems, all with a single goal in mind; to make our interface as simple, flexible and user-friendly as is humanly possible.

Our UI offers rich and dynamic tools that give you the ability to easily design and define fields and rules, automatically rendering and deploying them to all your employee's platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. You have full control of how they interact with the system, existing databases and all with the ability to display collected data in a structured, well-designed format for on-site or onward use. Our Advanced Report Engine allows you render information to customer letters, sales order forms, inspection verifications or any other presentation you may require.

Data collection. Data integration. Data execution. It's that simple.